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We Research. We Develop. We Market.

Focus Marketing Partners is much more than a traditional marketing agency. Our dedicated team offers a unique suite of services that includes Market Research, Website Design, SEO, and Social Media Marketing. FMP can do all that work for you, and guide you to the best strategies; in most cases more efficiently than your internal staff at a lower overall cost. We can be your Remote Marketing Agency.


Market Research

How well do you know your market, competition or clients? You may not know them as well as you think. Using innovative survey research and focus group techniques, we help our clients to better understand their markets ranging from Healthcare to Hospitality. Can you know too much about your clients or their markets? Market Research leads to more informed and better business decisions.

Website Development

Your website is the ‘storefront’ to your business. If your website does not make an outstanding first impression, potential customers will end up going to another competitor. Website design is ever-changing and dynamic; our team is at the forefront of the most current models that will capture and keep the attention of your audience. We design user friendly, interactive experiences for phones, tablets and desktops.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once you have a website you can be proud of can your audience find it, or is it buried under your competitors? SEO is the art and science of techniques that make your website appear on the first page of a Google search. Our team can optimize the potential for your audience to find you, which will drive more revenue your way.

Social Media

Communication with your audience should be a two-way stream. By creating engaging content on the various social media platforms, we can help your firm transform its audience into a community, which ultimately leads to increased brand awareness and customer loyalty. Our specialties include development of original content for all of the relevant social media channels as well as review site management.

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The Team Leading the Charge

Steve Fritzenkotter

Steve is a Marketing Professional and Educator. He founded Focus Marketing Partners with the belief that there is a market need for a more data-driven approach to online marketing. He believes that FMP’s combination of service offerings is what separates them from their competition.

Ann Strandberg

Ann and her team develop appealing user-friendly interfaces across all device types. In addition, her deep understanding of search engine algorithms allows her to maximize our clients’ SEO strategy.

Patricia Sanchez

Patricia is an expert in creating engaging social media content for our clients across all relevant social media platforms, She manages communications in both directions helping to transform our clients’ audiences in to communities of loyal customers.

Bill Jackson

Bill is a Market Research expert. He has developed and produced scientifically valid surveys of patient opinion for Healthcare organizations throughout the United States. In his vast experience, Bill has worked on both sides of the desk, having been a senior administrator in healthcare organizations around the world and having conducted over 2000 marketing research studies.

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Let’s Talk About Your Project